Keep your RV free of mice and other pests

We provide a service that prevents mice from making a home in your Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler, Motor Home, or any RV. After inspecting for & blocking common access points, we apply a non-toxic repellent that mice just hate.

While we primarily work with RV’s, we can also help you keep mice and other pests from getting into Farm Vehicles, mobile homes, and other property too.

Keeping mice out of..

RV's and Travel Trailers

Mice love Motor Homes and Trailers.

Modular Homes

Any mobile home on temporary foundations with an accessible crawl space can be treated.

Temporary Buildings

Skid shacks, rig shacks, or temporary relocatable buildings can all be treated.

Farm Vehicles

Grain trucks, and other vehicles that remain parked for long periods of time.

Residential Buildings

Spraying common access points with removal of tree limbs and other barriers to mouse prevention.

Don’t wait ’till you’ve already got mice.  Get your quote today!

Our Process

We take the time to survey and discuss how you use your RV, where you store it, and how it is stored.

With that knowledge, we use a mixture of common sense mouse prevention to create physical barriers to stop rodents from getting access to your property, and finish with the application of a pleasant smelling, non-toxic barrier to keep mice from entering your property.

We follow up to provide specific advice and storage recommendations to keep you Mouse-Free!

What’s the big deal about a little mouse?


Mice generally invade places where food is stored and prepared in addition to stored food itself.

They leave trails of bodily waste throughout cupboards and across floors and counter tops too, leaving behind a strong odor, and a mess for you to clean up before you even get to enjoy your RV for the season.

Anybody who has had to clean up after mice will tell you, they’re horrible, disgusting little creatures.


Mice and other rodents can cause damage to electrical wiring, finished surfaces like cabinet faces, seat cushions and floors alike through their nesting and exploration of your RV.

Because of their size, this damage can often be in locations that are hard to access and expensive to repair which can cause headaches for you, and a pain in your pocket book.

Having us apply mouse-free not only provides peace of mind, but saves your valuable time and money in the long run.


Mice themselves can carry several diseases including Salmonella, Hanta Virus which can be transmitted to humans through their droppings.

They also carry fleas, ticks and mites which, in turn, can carry a variety of other diseases including Pox, Typhus, Lyme Disease, and even Plague!

In the family way..

It’s very rare that mice are alone.  They can breed year round and have litters of up to 14 babies at a time, and one female mouse can have up to 15 litters in a single year, so once they’re in your property, the population can increase very quickly!

The only way to prevent an infestation, is to keep the mice out in the first place, and that’s where we come in.

Some Common questions about mice

Here are some of the questions we hear most.  If your question isn’t answered here, we’re only a phone call away:
How often do Mice have babies?
Mice breed year ’round and can have litters of up to 14 babies at a time, and one female mouse can have up to 15 litters in a single year, so once they’re in your property, the population can increase very quickly!
Can mice carry diseases?
Yes!   And some pretty nasty ones too.  Salmonella, and Hanta Virus to start.  They can also carry fleas and ticks that have the potential to carry Pox, Typhus, Lyme Disease, and even  Plague!
How does STOP MICE actually stop mice from getting in?
We perform an inspection of the most common areas of infiltration in your RV and plug any unnecessary holes or access points. Then we spray a non-toxic mouse barrier under the unit, and across all common points of mouse-entry.  We also provide you with guidance in keeping mice and other pests out of your RV, both while it’s stored, and while you’re using it!
My RV is brand new! It doesn't have any holes, does it?
New RV’s are often full of holes around plumbing, electrical, and other service connections, many of them hidden from plain view. Mice have no trouble finding them though, and stopping mice and other pests from getting in, is a top priiority.
What should I do if I've already got mice living in my RV?
The only way to get rid of mice is to trap or poison them. Depending on the situation, both solutions may be necessary. Once they’re gone, we can help you with keeping them out!
When is the best time to call STOP Mice?
Call us anytime! Mouse-free can be applied in any season but applications are usually done in the spring and fall.

Spring treatments are done when you’re planning on hitting the open road, or parking your RV in a rural location for the summer.  Campgrounds and farms are great places for mice to sneak into your unit, and keeping them at bay is important to make sure you get to enjoy your time away from the city.

Fall treatments are done after heavy road travel, or before you put your RV into storage for the winter along with the rest of your winterization.

So, really, right now is great, just give us a ring: +1-403-829-2740

Client Testimonials

“STOP MICE came out to our acreage and sprayed our fifth wheel trailer right in place, and even found a few holes that we didn’t know about!” JAMIE MCKINNON

“Thanks so much for the professional and personalized service.  Last year we had to clean mouse droppings and nests out of our cubpoards, but thankfully, now we won’t have to!” LES OLIYNYK

“We really appreciated having you come to our home to spray the mouse free product on our trailer. We were excited to have a non-toxic way to keep the mice at bay. JANELLE ROULSTON

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